Seafront – An Introduction

Simply put, Seafront is a music / photography blog.

The latter overrides my passions in life and I have always looked at ways that I can combine it with others. Fortunately for photography and the majority of other art forms, it really can be applied to any subject. This led me around a year and a half ago to kick-off a blog based on football and photography and I have long wanted to do the same with what I consider to be another of the major affections in my life, music.

I’m not afraid to admit, I’m a traditionalist. I love the physicality of music. Not in the way that it clutters my shelves but in the art of the album. Ever since being introduced to music; the physical product of a CD, vinyl, even cassette as it was back then; seemed to me almost as important as the music contained inside. 

The pictures and designs contained introduced me to the faces of these bands I was discovering; inspired me as I developed my own art and without a doubt became visual reminders of these periods in time.

My interest in this side of music lodged a thought and ambition in my mind, one of being involved someday in the production of some album artwork, promotional shots, etc. for a musician/band or publication.

Fortunately, this has been made possible in recent times (and will no doubt form the topic for a future blog post). Yet I want to continue and be involved in yet more projects like this, and I’m hoping the establishment of Seafront will help me to do this. 

Although this certainly won’t form the only template for upcoming posts. Instead there will be some stories on the artwork and photography of some well known albums, as well as hopefully some exclusive interviews with the minds behind these designs. I will share with you some of my promotional shots of the musicians I have and hopefully will work with; as well as photographs I’ve taken at gigs. Seafront will also feature additional interviews with musicians, videos, sessions, the chance for guest features and much, much more.

Although photography / art will be at the heart of the blog, music of course can’t be constrained to just this. The purely audio format of music makes a rather obvious reliance on visual imagery in some way or another and I hope such a platform as this can further bridge that gap between these two.


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