The Killers – Hot Fuss: Vinyl Reissue.

On Friday, The Killers‘ monstrous debut release, Hot Fuss received a reissue on vinyl, hitting the shops in the same week that the album celebrated the anniversary of its debut here in the UK, back in 2004.


In the 12 years that have passed, The Killers have gone on to be recognised as one of the biggest bands on this planet and a trio of number one studio albums following and a host of anthemic single releases has only helped to cement their ability to fill the biggest of stadiums.


Don’t forget, back in 2004 Hot Fuss too hit the top spot and has proven to be their most successful charting release, selling over 2 million copies resulting in being recognised as 7 times platinum in the UK. Spending a total of 247 weeks within the top 100 in the UK over the last dozen years, that’s over 4 1/2 of those 12.


The Killer’s other releases and how long they charted for (weeks):

Sam’s Town (2006): 125

Sawdust (2007): 40

Day & Age (2008): 70

Battleborn (2012): 26


And it will be hard to see it staying out of this list again with the recent reissue as many fans rediscover one of the stand out albums of the last decade on vinyl.


Hot Fuss did earn itself a vinyl pressing back in 2004 but in its limited edition, copies for sale are scarce these days, and those that are available will undoubtedly set you back a few hundred, whatever currency you’re dealing in. So this new release will be welcomed by fans who missed out back then and for those who went on to discover The Killers later on in the band’s careers.

One interesting note regarding this release is that it opts for the track listing seen on the UK edition, as opposed to the USA. For those that aren’t aware, there is a difference in the song sandwiched between track 7. On Top and track 9. Believe Me Natalie in these two releases, with Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll being heard in the UK and Change Your Mind in the US.


Perhaps down to the labels releasing the album (Lizard King Records in the UK, Island in the US) or the band themselves, the reason behind the difference isn’t clear, however preferences since seem to lie with Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll. This has been played more times live and while both featured on the 2007 b-sides and rarities release; Sawdust, Change Your Mind sees no change from its album appearance, while GIR&R is presented as an alternate version, catering it seems more to the audience that had long-listened the latter track instead.

Another noteworthy choice is the decisions made in presenting the LP this time around. The original 12″ is instantly recognisable for its blue pressing but for the 2016 release it’s a standard black. While not being labelled as a limited edition either it’s understandably missing a number on the back like its predecessor.

Finally, missing from this side too is the strip of band portraits which back then gave us our first glimpses of Brandon, Ronnie, Mark and Dave. Instead, these shots now feature in an appealing semi-glossy sleeve which houses the vinyl, as opposed to a less appealing paper type. The images are large and glossy on the square sleeve and although by now we’re well aware of the men that make up the Las Vegas quartet, we’re all accustomed to a ‘throwback’ these days and it’s a pleasure to see how far these gentlemen have come, not just musically but stylistically too. This is the Hot Fuss era.



So, as the the band and fans look towards the release of a possible fifth album in the not too distant future, this new 12″ after 12 years truly offers ‘victims’ a chance to revisit where it all started. It’s a pleasure to see The Killers back amongst our record collections, even as a re-release.

Hot Fuss 500


The Killers – Hot Fuss

Art Direction – Louis Marino
Cover Photo – Seth Goldfarb
Band Photography – Matt Hartman


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