Campfire Social – Wellbeing EP [Review]

We commenced last week with a Campfire Social exclusive, the first chance to listen to a song off the forthcoming EP: Wellbeing. If you missed it, you can still stream the track, titled: Ishq, here.

And now, in the week that brings us the release of the above mentioned extended play, we took a listen.

Lending from the words of our exclusive last week, we were told opening track Ishq was… “a song about love, not a love song”. Lending from Arabic, ‘ishq’ (عشق) is a term used for that exact feeling, and with a toe-tapping flow as well as melodies and harmonies that evoke such warmth its hard not to fall totally in ‘ishq’ with it.

It’s the sensible choice for the EP’s opener, the representative sound of Campfire Social that has seen them earn many more fans and minutes of air-play in recent times, and still for those unfamiliar, the ideal introduction to the group.


I’ve Got Two (You Can Have One Of Mine) follows with similar efforts and undeniably reinforces all the band biographies offered:

“Alt pop-indie” 2017-06-20_1219

“Incandescent songs” 2017-06-20_1219

“Melodic” 2017-06-20_1219

“Golden Harmonies” 2017-06-20_1219

“Influences including The Beach Boys” 2017-06-20_1219

“Filled with hope” 2017-06-20_1219

And on that last point, the track’s closing lines proclaim: I’ll be there when you need me / I’ll never ask why / I’ll be your friend / and I’ll thank you for being mine too. 

This song offers more than simply a great listen, the words spoken means it’s a provider of comfort, security and happiness.



Middle track Playwright does provide a change of pace, audibly showing the diverse capabilities of CS. Its tempo is a perfect companion to the quicker tracks gone before it and offers the opportunity to sit back and experience the group more intimately. Though the shortest on the record, with its soothing, reflective presence and commendable production from writing to recording it’s no surprise that this track too has earned its time on the airwaves.

The one track you might have heard from this EP previously, Nothing, Nowhere, Never, Now, was released as a single late last year and has been part of live performances if you’ve ever caught Campfire Social doing so.


Radio play of N,N,N,N across the country after its release is a clue to the likeableness of this track and its ability to make the listener take notice, most likely followed by at least a head bop and / or toe tap, though in some cases, full dancing might ensue.

Wellbeing closes with Wendy,  another display of this more gentle approach to the Campfire Social sound. However changes in the pace of the track over the course of its six minutes will surprise, though the backing melodies and harmonies retain the contemplative nature of the song.

While the track is listed as the end, it’s moreish and we can guarantee you’ll complete a few more spins of the EP before the day is out.

We’ve been excited by Campfire Social for quite some time now and to hear their most extensive release so far signals yet another promising milestone for the group. The upcoming launch party for Wellbeing will be another memorable event as they play alongside an additional hot musical property right now: Peaness, on Friday the 23rd of June in Chester (UK).

We can’t urge you enough to be there.

Wellbeing will be available to download from 23/06 or can be pre-ordered now from iTunes. You can also keep up with the band ahead of this via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.


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