This Is The Kit – Les Plus Beaux

It always comes as a personal, sometimes collective celebration when two favourite artists are spoke of in the same breath for whatever reason, be it one supporting the other, a musical collaboration or as in this instance, a cover.

This Is The Kit set themselves the task of conquering Francois and the Atlas Mountains’ ‘Les Plus Beaux’ and listeners to their EP: ‘Rusty and Got Dusty’ will have already sampled their attempt, but now a delightful video has been released which captures the essence of this delicate rendition.

A home-made creation featuring Kit’s Kate Stables and band, Francois too and one of the cutest supporting casts, the visuals only enhances this  re-working offering a sunny outlook, transferring smiles seen on the screen to those watching.

A certainty for your summer playlist.

Watch This Is The Kit’s reprise below.

See the original track by Francois and the Atlas Mountains  to hammer home that summer feeling.

This Is The Kit are playing a host of gigs over the summer months with a special show next week (May 17th) in Paris. Check out their website for more details.


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