This Is The Kit & Rozi Plain – The Sequel

We can’t believe it’s over a year since a night in Tywyn which saw This Is The Kit and Rozi Plain take to the stage.

We can’t believe we missed this 365 day landmark, considering a flyer for the gig is still up on the wall.

It confirms that in Tywyn, Wales on the 26th of March 2016 The Magic Lantern Cinema provided the venue for a night of truly great music. Anyone familiar with the respective performers will understand this and the setting of the cinema with its relaxed seating provided a vantage point for a show as good as any filmmaker can provide.

To mark the year-and-a-bit since that evening, we gazed through the images we created and felt there was a few more worth sharing.

Take a look through our gallery below:

If you want to read the original story of the evening as well as take a look through the photographs we took back then, you can catch that here.

We were also fortunate to see This Is The Kit a couple of months earlier and our review from that evening is over hereBeach Ball Symbol trans copy



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