Campfire Social – Ishq [Exclusive]

Upon Campfire Social‘s horizon is the release of a brand new EP on the 23rd of June, from which, we have an exclusive AV for the record’s opening track: Ishq.

This curiously titled song forms 1/5th of new release: Wellbeing,  marking the first taste of some newly recorded music by the band in 2017. This follows the acclaimed single: Nothing, Nowhere, Never, Now  which saw radio play across the country towards the end of last year as well as the garnering of many new fans.

Don’t worry however if you’re late to the Campfire Social social, N,N,N,N can be found on this new release within a collection of truly impressive work.

We’ll have our thoughts on the EP as a whole very soon…

In the meantime, check out the exclusive audio-video for Ishq  below.

The band describe the track intriguingly as “a song about love, not a love song”. Lending from Arabic, ‘ishq’ (عشق) is a term used for that exact feeling, and with a toe-tapping flow as well as melodies and harmonies that evoke such warmth its hard not to fall totally in ‘ishq’ with it.

Campfire Social are going all out to celebrate the release of Wellbeing  with a launch party in Chester (UK), alongside fellow local band Peaness on the 23rd of June.

If you want to listen to some more of their music check out the CS Bandcamp page here and keep up to date ahead of the EP’s release and host of upcoming gigs by following the band on Facebook/Twitter/InstagramBeach Ball Symbol trans copy



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